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The Banshees of Inisherin

21st Feb 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Set during the Irish Civil War, on a coastal Island, lifelong friends Pádraic and Colm, suddenly find themselves at an impasse when Colm unexpectedly ends their friendship. A stunned Pádraic, endeavours to repair the relationship, refusing to take no for an answer. But when Colm delivers a desperate ultimatum, the whole village become involved in the stand off, with events swiftly escalating, with shocking consequences. With his latest film offering Martin McDonagh brings us a gentle and brutal tale of a broken friendship, a rich, soulful journey, full of agony, laughter and big, haunting questions. Boasting standout performances from Brendan Gleeson, Colin Farrell, Kerry Condon and Barry Keoghan, the chemistry between the entire cast is the beating heart of this tragic comedy.

An Cailín Ciúin

28th Feb 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Due to popular demand, The Millbank Theatre is delighted to announce a second screening of "An Cailín Ciúin"

Nine-year-old Cáit (Catherine Clinch) is sent by her dysfunctional family to spend the summer with an Aunt and Uncle she has never met before. Through the tender care of her aunt Eibhlín (Carrie Crowley) Cáit finally feels loved and safe. Despite himself, her uncle Sean (Andrew Bennett) forges a bond and for the first time, Cáit experiences the warmth of a loving home. The once quiet Cáit blossoms in their care, but in this house where there are meant to be no secrets, she discovers one.

Wonderfully recreating the feel of a country home in 1980s Ireland, An Cailín Ciúin, adapted from Claire Keegan’s acclaimed short story, Foster, is a genuine, deeply felt portrait of the bonds that sustain us.

94 minutes, Ireland, 2022, 12A

The Gravedigger's Wife

14th March 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Guled, a gravedigger, and Nasra are a loving couple, living on the outskirts of Djibouti city with their teenage son Mahad. Nasra is ill and needs an operation to save her life, but the cost is beyond their means. Guled considering his options wants to return to his village to claim his inheritance. Nasra fears the outcome of this journey because they were banished years before as they were from different tribes, and their marriage was forbidden. In The Gravedigger’s Wife, Finnish Somali writer-director Khadar Ayderus Ahmed observes the long, arduous lengths love can reach to. His poetic debut is charming and wistful without ever feeling maudlin; a beautiful love letter to the power of family.

82 minutes, Finland, Germany, France, Somalia, Qatar, 2021, CLUB

The Rose Maker

4th April 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Eve was once a champion rose grower, but after years without a big success her business is on the verge of collapse. She reluctantly starts to consider selling to a successful competitor. In a last-ditch effort to save their livelihoods, Eve’s secretary Rosa brings on three inexperienced workers to help out. Despite her initial hostility to the idea, the new arrivals soon inspire Eve to give rose-designing one last shot...A charming and witty comedy-drama, The Rose Makeris a crowd-pleasing tale of the fightfor independence in the cut throat world of artisan floristry. A fierce lead performance from Catherine Frot proves a particular highlight here, with the Marguerite star once again proving herself to be one of France’s most compelling screen performers

95 mins France 2020

No Bears

18th April 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Director Jafar Panahi has long defied a film making ban from Iranian authorities, creating master pieces such as This Is Not A Film while under house arrest. In mid-2022, the film maker was jailed for six years on dubious propaganda charges. His latest film No Bears was completed shortly before his arrest, meaning it now arrives on screens with added urgency. Here, Panahi plays a version of himself, remotely directing a film from a village near the Iran-Turkey border. As he grapples with pressure from his Turkey-based crew to sneak across the border, Panahi becomes unwittingly embroiled in a local dispute over a supposedly incriminating photograph that he may or may not have taken. No Bears is an oftenlight-footed and humorous film-but rest assured Panahi still pulls no punches

106mins Iran 2022 12A

Official Competition

2nd May 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

In this Spanish comedy, a millionaire decides on his eightieth birthday that he needs something more memorable than business success to guarantee his legacy. He decides to produce a film and after securing the rights to a Nobel Prize-winning novel, engages acclaimed but unconventional auteur Lola Cuevas (Penelope Cruz) to direct. She in turncasts two very different actors–global movie star Felix (Antonio Banderas)and distinguished thespian Iván (Oscar Martínez)-as her leads. Before long, methods, personalities and egos clash! Official Competition is a clever satire that pokes fun at various elements of film culture, but also has some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. All three actors are clearly enjoying themselves, but it is Cruz that is the standout here.

115 minutes, Spain, Argentina, 2021, 15A

Return to Dust

16th May 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

In the rural Gansu region of China, Ma and Cao are two people seen only as inconveniences by their respective families. They are cast off and forced into an arranged marriage. Living a simple but challenging farming life, the couple gradually fall in love. Together, they decide tobuild their own house. However, a state-ordered demolition process threatens their very way of life. The latest film from director Li Ruijun is apatient, tenderstory of survival and love against the odds. Elegantly shot and beautifully acted, it shows aside of Chinese society rarely seenon cinema screens. It has struck a chord with audiences in China, recently topping the local box office months after its initial release

131mins China 2022


30th May 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Sam (17) has been on a self-destructive spiral that could lead to his death. Here turns home from boarding school to find his wheelchair-bound English grandmother, Ruth has moved in. Ruth is an ex-war photographer with a lust for life and a love of the bottle. Sam soon finds himself profoundly confronted by her alcoholic wit and chutzpah. Their first meeting is awkward; their second violent. Things get worse when Sam finds himself stranded alone with her and her nurse Sarah for the school holidays. Both strong-willed characters, a battle of supremacy ensues, enabling Sam to embrace life again and for Ruth to face her mortality

New Zealand 2022 94mins Cert:15A


13th June 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

11-year-old Sophie and her father Calum travel to a holiday resort in Turkey for a relaxing sunshine break. As they lounge by the pool and explore the tourist sights, they record their trip on a camcorder. Twenty years later, an adult Sophie looks back on the holiday and her relationship with her father-both the fond memories and the things that have been lost forever. The extraordinary debut feature from Scottish writer/director Charlotte Wells is anachingly tender portrait of a father-daughter relationship. Driven by magnificent performances from young Frankie Corio and Ireland’s own Paul Mescal, Aftersun dives deep and unearths theunspoken emotional truths that exceedingly few films manage to capture.

102 mins.UK / USA. 2022. 15A

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

27th June 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

HALLELUJAH: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song is a definitive exploration of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen as seen through the prism of his internationally renowned hymn, Hallelujah. This feature-length documentary weaves together three creative strands: The songwriter and his times. The song's dramatic journey from record label reject to chart-topping hit. And moving testimonies from major recording artists for whom Hallelujah has become a personal touchstone. Approved for production by Leonard Cohen just before his 80th birthday in 2015, the film accesses a wealth of never-before-seen archival materials from the Cohen Trust including Cohen's personal notebooks, journals and photographs, performance footage and extremely rare audio recordings and interviews.