“The Last Apache Reunion” video from the Archives

Rush Dramatic Society Production of “The Last Apache Reunion” by Bernard Farrell. (bonus you get to hear his thoughts on our production at the end of the video!

Directed by Sean Corcoran


HarryAlan White
DeirdreTheresa Price
JimmyPaul Dowling
MauriceBernard Tonge
NickMichael O’Sullivan
JackieLynne Scanlon
PaudgeOisin Molloy
KevinDavid Byrne
Junior ApachesLauren Foley
Robert Slattery
Owen Bonass
Thomas Byrne
Owen Comiskey

Production Team

DirectorSean Corcoran
Stage ManagerRuth Kilgariff
Set ConstructionBrian Delaney
Set DesignSean Corcoran
Artistic DesignMoya Mackle
Lighting & SoundDave Fenton
& Peadar Clerkin
PromotionMarica Weldon
Film CrewBernard Tonge,
Moya Mackle
& Una Seaver
PropertiesAshling Kennedy
Produced byMary Gallagher

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  1. Julie Conlon on April 28, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    Missed this one first time around so delighted to get a second chance to see saw such a fine production. Great performances all round and a superb set. Loved it. Great to get the great Bernard Farrell too.

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