“One Flew Over the Cuckoos Next” Video from the Archives

Directed by Sean Corcorcan

Rush Dramatic Society Production from 1993.


Chief BromedenOisin Molloy
Aide WarrenDavid White
Aide WilliamsPeter Monks
Nurse RatchedMoya Mackle
Nurse FlynnAndrea Mathews
Dale HardingPeadar Clerkin
Billy BibbitPaul Comiskey
MartiniBarry Kavanagh
ScalonAlan White
CheswickBernard Tonge
RucklyDonal Hurley
Randle Patrick McMurphyPaul Dowling
Dr SpiveyAndy Monks
Aide TurkleOliver Conernery
Candy StarAdrienne Cassidy
SandyMary Gavin

Production Team

Directed BySean Corcoran
Stage DesignSean Corcoran
Moya Mackle
Stage ConstructionBob Browne
Eamonn Keegan
LightingDave Fenton
Michael O’Rourke
SoundNicky Moss
PropertiesPaul Keegan
Mary Gallagher
PromotionMarcia Weldon
Produced byMary Gallagher

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