Government moves country to Level 5

With the government moving the country to level 5 this means now that we have had to suspend all stage performances. This means that Pat Kinevane is now cancelled as well as “The Man in the Woman’s Shoes”. We are sorting out refunds – so please bare with us.

Our Movies are also cancelled inline with the rules associated with level 5.

Further news on looking to 2021, we are now cancelling our Festival on recommendation on ADCI. Festivals are being cancelled nationally and we are one of many. This is a huge blow to the Millbank Theatre and will impact the local community as the Festival is hugely popular with locals in Rush/Fingal area.

We are heartbroken that our annual festival can’t go ahead in 2021. This would have been our 17th Festival at the Millbank Theatre. Safety of Actors, members, and visitors to our Theatre is our number one priority. We hope you understand.

We would like to thank those who have supported us thus far at the Millbank Theatre. We would also like to extend a particular thank you to those who have donated to the Millbank Theatre.

Every cent you donate helps us out in this difficult time. If you can help us out please click the image below to donate to the Millbank Theatre. Please feel free to share this with your friends / family.

Earlier this year, Rush Musical Society were to perform their show of Sweeney Todd, but due to Covid their performances were also cancelled. Even after the show was cancelled the Musical Society now have an outstanding bill which they need to cover (this would normally be covered by their performance). They have set up a GoFundMe page, link is below. To date, they have achieved 25% of their goal…if you can help please do. More details please click the link to their go fund me page.