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Driving Madeleine

16th Jan 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

A Paris taxi-driver Charles accepts an early morning fare. His client turns out to be 92-year-old Madeleine, who is making the final journey to the care home where her doctors and family have decided she must live. Along the way Madeleine asks Charles to visit places in Paris that hold memories for her. Graduallythe two learn about each other’s lives...

90 minutes, France, 2022, Cert:CLUB


30th Jan 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

Afghan immigrant Donya is a former translator for the US army, now living in Fremont California, where she works in a fortune cookie factory. Donya suffers from chronic insomnia,as she battles to overcome loneliness and rebuild her life. In an effort to reconnect with theworld, she sends an unconventional message outin one of the fortune cookies ...Fresh from its recent Best Director win at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Fremontis a warm, poignantand deadpan tale of self-discovery. A cast that includes comedian Gregg Turkington and The Bear’s Jeremy Allen Whitebring life to unforgettable,unique characters, but it is Anaita Wali Zada’s shining turn as Donya that is a revelation.

92minutes, USA, 2023, Cert:CLUB

20,000 Species of Bees

13th Feb 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

Eight-year-old Coco doesn’t identify with the male name Aitor she was assigned at birth. She would in fact prefer to be called Lucia. However her family, even her open-minded sculptress mother, are struggling to see Lucia for who she really is. So when Coco and her family spend the summer with her mother’s relatives in the Spanish countryside, the time she spends tending to bees with her open-minded aunt Lourdes, finally gives the little girl the confidence to accept her developing identity and share her feelings with others. Featuring an award-winning central performance from Sofia Otero as Coco, Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren’s moving debut film approaches its young lead character’s story of self-discovery with great sensitivity and humanity.

129 minutes, Spain, 2023, Cert:CLUB

Past Lives

27th Feb 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

Nora and Hae Sung, classmates at a primary school in Seoul, have their deep friendship ended abruptly when Nora’s family emigrates to Canada. Two decades later, they meet in New York and over one week address notions of chance and circumstance and the choices people make that create a life. Past Lives is anauthentically beautiful romantic debut feature from playwright Celine Song. Exploring “In Yun’’, a Korean notion of connection between people–the string of fate which tangles together across different lifetimes, it subtly addresses the tension between a lifelonged for and the life lived. With spellbinding performances from Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, and John Magaroit brims with compassion for how complicated the human condition can be

105 minutes, USA, 2023, Cert12A


12th Mar 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

When Matthias returns to his hometown in Transylvania, he attempts to reconnect with his family and with his former lover Csilla. Csilla helps manage the local commercial bakery, the town’s sole remaining employment hub. When the owners bring in two workers from SriLanka to fill staffing gaps, the local residents’ xenophobic beliefs reawaken-leading to aseries of violent confrontations. Master director Cristian Mungiu (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Beyond the Hills) returns with this intricate, fierce drama. R.M.N. is a somber reflection on contemporary bigotry andan exploration of social dynamics and instability in modern Europe. It’s a compelling character study and low-key thriller, enhanced by extraordinary, dream-like flourishes at key dramatic junctures.

127 mins. Romania / France / Belgium / Sweden. 2022. 15A (IFCO)

Lies We Tell

26th Mar 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

Based on the novel Uncle Silas by Sheridan Le Fanu, this Gothic thriller set in 19th Century sees teenage Maud grieving the death of her father who has left her everything in his vast estate. As a minor, Maud must live under the guardianship of her Uncle Silas, the family black sheep,until she comes of age. Uncle Silas brings with him his son Edward, who sets his sights on Maud; his daughter Emily,who wants to be her best friend; and Emily’s mysterious and scheming French Governess. Things turn sinister and Maud becomes a prisoner in her own home, as Silas conspires to force her into marriage with his son, in a move to seize her fortune.

89 minutes, Ireland, 2023, 16

Anatomy of a Fall

23rd Apr 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

Sandra, a successful German writer, has been living in the French Alps with her husband Samuel and son Daniel. When Samuel’s dead body is found below one of their chalet’s windows, a police investigation raises many questions. One year later, Sandra is on trial for murder. As the trial proceeds, Sandra and her husband's complex relationship comes under intense scrutiny. The conflicting evidence, inconsistent testimony and shocking truths that are revealed make Anatomy of a Fall a compelling and gripping drama. Featuring an outstanding lead performance from Sandra Hüller, Justine Triet’s film scooped the top prize at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, and became one of year’s most anticipated films.

152 minutes, France, 2023, Cert:15A


7th May 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

Writer Leon and photographer Felix travel to a holiday home on the Baltic coast for the summer-Leon needs to finish his second book, while Felix works on his portfolio. Their plans are up ended when they arrive to find Nadja, an unexpected house guest, already settled in.Initially irritated by the fun-loving Nadja and her “could-be” boyfriend Devid, the stand-offish Leon finds himself gradually intrigued by and attracted to her. As the holidays progress, so too does the dynamic of the group. But everything is disrupted when the area’s forest fires,once far away, draw closer. Afire,the second instalment, afterUndine, in Christian Petzold’s so-called “elemental trilogy” is an intelligent and compelling film, full of humour and tragedy

103 minutes, Germany, 2023, Cert TBC

Paris Memories

21st May 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

Inspired by the attacks of November 2015 ,Paris Memories follows Mia (Virginie Efir) as she struggles to resolve her fractured memories in the aftermath of a violent attack. She repeatedly returns to the bistro where the attack happened, bonding with fellow survivors. As Mia works through her hazy recollections, she starts to rebuild her life and make sense of what really happened. Inspired by the experiences of the director’s brother, who was present at the Bataclan attack,Paris Memories investigates the notion of memory and identity in the aftermath of violence. Approached from the perspective of the survivors, the film is an empowering testament to the resilience of humanity and how both complicated and simple, the healing process can be.

103 minutes, France, 2022, Cert15A


4th June 2024


€8 (includes booking fee)

Monica has not seen her family in Ohio since her mother kicked her out of home over 20 years ago. Invited by her sister-in-law to visit her now terminally-ill mother, Monica decides to try to heal the wounds of the past by making the trip. Will the family, and most importantly her mother, now accept Monica for who she is?

113 minutes, USA, Italy, 2022, Cert:16