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Love According to Dalva

19th Sept 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

After her abusive father is arrested,12-year-old Dalva is taken into care. As she acts more like an adult than a child, Dalva's social workers and new roommates find it difficult to connect with her. Gradually with their help, she accepts that her relationship with her father was not normal, allowing her to finally experience the joys of childhood she was previously denied.

83 mins, FRANCE, 15A

The Innocent

3rd Oct 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Aquarium worker Abel is furious when he learns his mother Sylvie is marrying a recently paroled inmate named Michel. Abel, determined to protect his mother, ropes in his friend Clemence to help spy on the newly-released Michel. They discover Michel is indeed still involved in crime, but they unexpectedly become embroiled in his plan to pull off ‘one last heist'

99 mins. France. 2022. 15A (IFCO cert)

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

17th Oct 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Laura Poitras’ Golden Lion winning documentary chronicles the life and work of artist Nan Goldin. Goldin is an acclaimed photographer of NYC’s LGBT and new-wave communities. In recent decades, she has devoted much of her life to activism-in particular her efforts to address America’s opioid crisis. The film follows her years-long efforts to hold the Sackler family-owners of OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma-to account.

117 mins. USA. 2022. IFCO rating TBC.

La Syndicaliste

24th Oct 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

La Syndicaliste tells the extraordinary real-life story of Irish woman Maureen Kearney, a senior trade union representative-turned-whistleblower in a French power company. Maureen’s efforts to expose top-secret deals met with fierce resistance from powerful people. Her life was turned upside down when she was violently assaulted-made worse by police subsequently accusing her of faking the attack.

122 mins. France / Germany. 15A (IFCO rating)


14th Nov 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Cian is the captain of his local Gaelic football team–for him and his friends, the sport is a religion. When Cian is attacked on a night out, he therefore brushes off the incident as inconsequential. However before long he is forced to accept that his injuries are more serious and could mean the end of his Gaelic career.

100 minutes, Ireland, 2022, Cert 15A

Cairo Conspiracy

28th Nov 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

The gripping and critically acclaimed new thriller from Tarik Saleh (The Nile, Hilton, Incident, The Contractor), follows Adam, a young man who is offered the ultimate privilege: to study at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo. Shortly after his arrival in the city, the university’s highest-ranking religious leader, the Grand Imam, suddenly dies and Adam becomes a pawn in a ruthless power struggle between Egypt’s religious and political elite. As he struggles to balance a range of competing interests that favour different leaders, he soon finds that he must fight for his very survival as the succession intensifies.


12th Dec 2023


€8 (includes booking fee)

Aoife, a workaholic based in Dublin, reluctantly returns home to Kerry to care for her father after his heart attack. Having left years previously after the death of her mother, the relationship between father and daughter is strained. During her stay, Aoife begins to reconnect with her home and old friends, getting involved again in Naomhog or currach racing.

Eventually, she agrees to join the local team and strive to win the regional finals for their village, a feat not achieved in 22 years. As Aoife's past and present collide, she is pushed to her limits by the demanding training regimen, forcing her to confront her unresolved grief and her issues with her father.

96 minutes, Ireland, 2022