Green intative at The Millbank Theatre

With the ever growing awareness of the impact we have on the environment, we have decided to embark on a journey to reduce our carbon footprint. We have set up a group from members of Rush Dramatic Society who are working together to help make greener decisions on behalf of the group and Theatre. In the last number of months we have made a couple of changes, we have reusable plastic cups that out patrons can use for bringing drinks into the audoritum. We have improved our recycling bin options at the Theatre.

Most recently we have introduced the option for our Customers to get their tickets emailed to them. This will allow pour customers opt in to have no tickets printed for them so they can now present their tickets on their smartphone. We launched this intially back in May 23′. We have tweaked the mail that our customers receive so they can either use the QR code in the mail or download the ticket to their smartphone. We would like thank everyone who has provided feedback in early stages of this and would like to thank those who have adapted to this so quickly. We still have the option to collect in the box office, but would encourage our customers to opt in for “print at home” so they can present tickets on their smartphone.

Our journey doesn’t end here, there’s plenty more that we can do. If you have a suggestion please get in touch and email with the subject “Green Initative Suggestion